Can’t believe I pulled it off today, I actually profited when I upgraded from my 8gb iPhone 3G to the 16gb iPhone 3Gs.  I wanted to upgrade for a while but a AT&T rep at the store told me I didn’t qualify a few weeks ago (wasn’t about to shell out that much money for another phone). i decided to call today, and the rep told me I qualified if I signed a new two year agreement. (OK, no problem, wasn’t planning on leaving anyway.) so I posted my 3G on craigslist just to see the response i would get, i posted it for $175.00 and got 23 emails in 10 minutes. I took that posting down and reposted it again 2 days later for $250.00. I also mentioned that it was unlocked and jailbroken on 3.0.1 firmware. I still received about 8 or 9 emails for the phone, so I chose the closest one to me and sold him the phone. All he really cared about was if his T-Mobile card would work in there and it did. I pocketed the $250.00, walked about 5 blocks to the nearest apple store and brought me a 16gb 3Gs. Total cost of new iPhone was $216.66,  profited $33.34. Lunch 🙂

People are willing to pay good money for unlocked iPhones cause they have T-Mobile and want one and know they can’t get one without a contract to AT&T. I seen some up there for over $300.00, but all I sold with mines was the phone and the charger nothing else.


Madden 2010 for iPhone Review

September 11, 2009

I just got through playing Madden 2010 for the iPhone, and i will say that it is a solid game.

The controls on the game are pretty good for what it’s worth. What I mean is you have a virtual joystick, so you not gonna have the same movement as with a real joystick. The graphics are some if the best I have seen on a iPhone. You can set it to 3, 5, or 7 minute quarters. I did’nt see a multiplayer option, maybe in a future update. But that would be cool to have, think they dropped the ball on that one. It can be a killer on your battery, especially if you set it to play your music while you play.

I personally don’t play to many sports games, (last football game I played was super tecmo bowl) but I found this game enjoyable. If your a madden fan & own a iPhone I think this would be game for you.

Today a friend of mine asked me how did I post a video on Twitter from my iPhone 3G (not 3Gs), so I decided to write a blog about it. I haven’t posted one in a while anyway.

The first thing is your iPhone has to be jailbroken, cause the two programs your going to need are in cydia. (If you do not know how to jailbreak, YouTube or google it, you will get 7,238,187,654 hits.) The first program you will need is Cycorder, this is the video camera. The second program you will need is qTweeter. You record the video with cycorder and use qTweeter to post it to either twitter, facebook or both.

qTweeter is a great program for people who love to update there Twitter accounts, but don’t really feel like opening up a program or using safari. With qTweeter, all you have to is slide your finger down from the status bar and the screen pictured below shows up. You can update your facebook & Twitter status from this one app, upload photos, videos, and even let people know what your listening too at the moment.

What the app won’t do is let you read, retweet (unless you copy & paste), follow, unfollow, etc.. You will need a full blown Twitter app for that. The price for qTweeter is $4.99. If the price is to steep you can look around there’s a probably a cracked version out there somewhere.