Finally upgraded to 3Gs, & Profited

September 21, 2009

Can’t believe I pulled it off today, I actually profited when I upgraded from my 8gb iPhone 3G to the 16gb iPhone 3Gs.  I wanted to upgrade for a while but a AT&T rep at the store told me I didn’t qualify a few weeks ago (wasn’t about to shell out that much money for another phone). i decided to call today, and the rep told me I qualified if I signed a new two year agreement. (OK, no problem, wasn’t planning on leaving anyway.) so I posted my 3G on craigslist just to see the response i would get, i posted it for $175.00 and got 23 emails in 10 minutes. I took that posting down and reposted it again 2 days later for $250.00. I also mentioned that it was unlocked and jailbroken on 3.0.1 firmware. I still received about 8 or 9 emails for the phone, so I chose the closest one to me and sold him the phone. All he really cared about was if his T-Mobile card would work in there and it did. I pocketed the $250.00, walked about 5 blocks to the nearest apple store and brought me a 16gb 3Gs. Total cost of new iPhone was $216.66,  profited $33.34. Lunch 🙂

People are willing to pay good money for unlocked iPhones cause they have T-Mobile and want one and know they can’t get one without a contract to AT&T. I seen some up there for over $300.00, but all I sold with mines was the phone and the charger nothing else.


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